You want to motivate your team and create cohesion?

Motorsport is pure adrenaline and is based on trust and cooperation - the best conditions for incentives!

Whether participants get training and drive themselves or ride in a race taxi with skilled racers: a special all-round experience is guaranteed!

Make a lasting impression with Racing Incentives

Incentives are usually organised to motivate employees or as a reward: Experiencing something very special together, which welds together and strengthens cohesion! We pursue this goal with our motorsport incentives to motivate your team and achieve team building. An emotional experience can solve invisible hurdles and create a bond ...



Experience pure motorsport feeling up close! Race around the track yourself, for example in a Porsche Cayman GT4 or a KTM X-Bow. This is how you inspire your customers and employees. Emotions guaranteed

BG Sportpromotion Incentive
BG Sportpromotion Incentive


Adrenaline-filled all-round event from instructor-led driving training and catering in the pit lounge to motorsport activities with e-karts or a simulator! Tackle challenges together and strengthen cohesion and motivation!


Visit the most exciting motorsport events. You've come to the right place! Thanks to our good contacts with organisers of all kinds (F1, MotoGP, ADAC GT Masters, etc.), we can put together an attractive "money can't buy" package for you.

BG Sportpromotion Incentive

Why Racing Incentives with us?

Whether just a few hours, a whole day or even several days. Our incentive event becomes a success when the participants take home a lasting impression. Since in motorsport this experience is paramount and safety should be a must in the background, it is important to work with long-standing experts from the field.

That's why our motto is: many years of expertise for overall concepts that don't lack safety, fun and trappings.
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BG Sportpromotion Incentive


Client: Birner Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Event organisation: Incentry GmbH

With the "Race for Champions Incentive" of the Birner company we were commissioned for the implementation of all motorsport activities. With motocross, off-road and driving experience at the Salzburgring we inspired Birner's customers and created a lasting impression!

BG Sportpromotion Incentive - Corporate Incentive


Client: anonymous company
Event organisation: BG Sportpromotion GmbH

As appreciation, motivation and bringing together the best of the company, we were allowed to create an all-round experience in a class of its own! With instructor training by Formula 1 stars, driving experience at the Salzburgring and catering in the pit lounge, we impressed the participants.